ERP / MRP – Data Integration

Min/Max – On Demand Shipments – Advanced Ship Notices

Ever wish you could push a button and have your customer’s demand forecast updated in your ERP/MRP System?

Our customer’s already have this capability, and much more.

With 20 years of integration experience, we can apply our time-tested modules to create bolt-on applications to update the customer orders in your demand system with new forecast dates and quantities.

Do you have a dedicated clerk entering Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs) into your customer portal?

We have a solution for that as well. Working with your customer portal management organization, such as Exostar, we can read in your shipments for the day, and securely upload that data – with a single push of a button.

Regardless of your business system (i.e. Syteline, EPICOR, Global Shop, Dynamics 365) our modules are adaptive.